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The Région

Pigeon - Bouillante

Basse-Terre is a mountain range covered by a tropical 17 000 haforest declared a National Park.

Routes marked trails, waterfalls, cascades, pools, parks, various plantations are revealed with charm.

On the edge, beaches are sandy brown, gray, pink, ocher or pebbles.

The Ilets Pigeon Cousteau reserve are "the diving spot" in Leeward Coast. The volcanic nature of funds (sources of marine hot water) allows corals to multiply in number, home of beautiful tropical fish. underwater spaces are to be discovered with their wildlife lots and exceptional flora.

Bouillante is named after the numerous hot springs that emerge on land and sea. A geothermal plant exploits a source in the village of boiling which supplies 7% of the electricity of Guadeloupe.

Things to do in the vicinity

  • Malendure beach and its Ilet Pigeon
  • Diving at Ilet Pigeon in the "Cousteau Reserve" to discover one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world.
  • Meet the turtles on the beach
  • Cetacean outings (meeting with dolphins, pilot whales and whales)
  • Glass-bottom boats at the beach pontoon
  • Big game fishing
  • Canyoning
  • Canopy tours on the theme of nature and wilderness
  • Kayak and canoe trips
  • The cocoa house
  • The Mamelles Park
  • The Source Park

In the town of Bouillante

  • Hot baths (warm sea water)
People come to Guadeloupe to enjoy its tropical climate, the sun, its beaches, its rainforest, its rivers, its Creole cuisine in its small typical restaurants "les lolos", its archipelago of nearby islands, its music and culture
There are places in Guadeloupe that cannot be ignored, such as the beach of Malendure and its islet Pigeon. WILLISARIVER Meublé de Tourisme ***** offers you the opportunity to live a unique experience and to savour the charm of Creole life, during a stay under the sign of exoticism, comfort and a personalized welcome. The door of your villa opens, you are welcome.

An experience

The first of the wonders to be discovered in Pigeon (Bouillante): the underwater world of the coral reef around the islet Pigeon, the palm tree walks to observe the turtles on the beach of Malendure, the various supervised activities proposed in the forest or river, the hot baths of Bouillante and many other wonders...

After having tasted the sweetness of the Caribbean Sea, you will undoubtedly feel the need to enjoy the pool of your villa.

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