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The region

Pigeon - Bouillante

Basse-Terre is a mountain range covered by a tropical 17 000 haforest declared a National Park.

Routes marked trails, waterfalls, cascades, pools, parks, various plantations are revealed with charm.

On the edge, beaches are sandy brown, gray, pink, ocher or pebbles.

The Ilets Pigeon Cousteau reserve are "the diving spot" in Leeward Coast. The volcanic nature of funds (sources of marine hot water) allows corals to multiply in number, home of beautiful tropical fish. underwater spaces are to be discovered with their wildlife lots and exceptional flora.

Bouillante is named after the numerous hot springs that emerge on land and sea. A geothermal plant exploits a source in the village of boiling which supplies 7% of the electricity of Guadeloupe.

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